Information Systems Frontiers Journal

The interdisciplinary interfaces of Information Systems (IS) are fast emerging as defining areas of research and development in IS. The major advances in IT/ IS are leading to numerous important vistas of research and development with considerable practical impact and academic significance. While the industry seeks to develop high performance IS/IT solutions to a variety of contemporary information support needs, academia looks to extend the reach of IS technology into new application domains. Information Systems Frontiers (1SF) aims to provide a common forum of dissemination of frontline industrial developments of substantial academic value and pioneering academic research of significant practical impact.

ISF will focus on research and development at the IS/IT interfaces in the academia and industry. The interfaces include the base disciplines of computer science, telecommunications, operations research, economics and cognitive sciences, for instance. Emerging areas that ISF will concentrate on in the next few years include, but are not limited to: enterprise modeling and integration, emerging object/web technologies, information economics, IT integrated manufacturing, medical informatics, digital libraries, mobile computing and electronic commerce.


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