Information Systems Frontiers Journal

Emeritus Editors

(Late) Kenneth Arrow
Nobel Laureate and Joan Kenney Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

Alan Baratz 
President and Chief Executive Officer, NeoPath Networks (Former President, Javasoft/Sun Microsystems)

Alan Dennis
Indiana University

Amjad Umar
Founder/CEO, NGE Solutions

Chander Dhawan
President of DOLNET Mobile Computing Information Services

Dee H. Andrews
Airforce Research Laboratories

Deependra Moitra
Management Consultant

Edward J. Dudewicz 
Syracuse University

Ellen M. Knapp 
VC and Chief Knowledge Officer, Price WaterHouse Coopers

Mr.Hatim A. Tyabji 
Chairman, Best Buy, USA

Hojjat Adeli
Ohio State University

Jahar L. Saha 
Operations Research Society of India

James V. Hansen
Brigham Young University

John Henderson

Kannan Govindarajan

Karla L. Hoffman
George Mason University

M. Rammohan Rao
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India

(Late) N. Seshagiri
National Information Center, India

(Late) Paul Gray
Claremont Graduate University

(Late) Peter Hammer
Director RUTCOR and Professor, Rutgers University

Richard J. Boland Jr
Department Chair, Information Systems, Case Western Reserve University

Setsuo Ohsuga
Waseda University, Japan

Susheel Chandra
Mentor Graphics Corporation, India

Thomas Cook 
Senior Counselor, McKinsey and Company

(Late) Suek Namgoong
Samsung Data Systems

Dr. Larry Reeker
National Institute of Standards and Technology

(Late) Dr. Andrew Sage
George Mason University

Dr. Robert D. Mueller
Raytheon Systems Company

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