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Information Systems Frontiers: Aim & Scope


Information systems (IS) are emerging as critical resources to beleveraged for organizational productivities in most business, social andeconomic enterprises. The success of an enterprise is largely dependenton how its information resources are designed, operated and managed. Themajor advances in Information Technology (IT) such as client/server systems,the Internet and the desktop/multimedia computing revolution have elevatedinformation systems to a position of strategic importance in the moderncompetitive enterprise. Consequently, research and innovation in IS/IThas acquired new levels of significance in academia, industry and the consumercommunity.

There is a growing demand to provide a thorough understanding ofIS/IT frontiers along with its foundations to meet industry and academicneeds. While the industry seeks to develop high performance IS/IT solutionsto its business problems, academia looks to extend the reach of IS technologyinto new application domains. Information Systems Frontiers (ISF) aimsto satisfy these needs by providing rigorous, timely research occurringat the forefront of the IS/IT field in both academia and the industry.Unlike the traditional publication philosophy of exclusively concentratingon either academic research or industrial innovation, ISF will focus onthe integration of multi-disciplinary interfaces. Thus, ISF will be aninternational scholarly journal designed to bridge the contributing academicdisciplines and link academia with industry. The central aim of ISF isto publish original, well-written, self-contained contributions that elucidatenovel research and innovation in IS/IT which advance the field fundamentallyand significantly. Published quarterly, ISF will:

    • -Provide a vibrant forum for both academicians and industry specialiststo explore the multiple frontiers of the IS/IT field
    • -Bring innovative research on all aspects of IS/IT from analytical, behavioraland technological perspectives
    • -Foster creativity at the emerging disciplinary interfaces leading tonew frontiers in IS/IT research
    • -Enable rapid dissemination of latest research and innovation, supportedwith a rigorous review processes


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